Mary Nilayam Convent, Thiruvananthapuram – 1970


Sr. keerthana AC

“To penetrate every human situation through other works of mercy as well” A house in the capital of the State was very desirable. Pangapara near Sreekariyam, Trivandrum, seemed most suitable for a house. The postgraduate students of Loyola College required a hostel for ladies and the University Centre was also near enough to want accommodation for lady students. While the sisters entered into this social work project, a nursery class was to be set up. Besides this, there was much to do for the parish, which was very near to the house fixed up to accommodate the pioneering group of the Apostolic Carmel Sisters. This was the original plan of the Provincial Council.
On 28th February 1970, the three sisters reached Trivandrum and they were welcomed by Bishop Bernard Pereira. The new community was complete with the arrival of Srs. Dona and Eustace. On 4th March 1970, the Bishop blessed the little convent with chapel, and the long desired foundation in the capital city of Kerala became a reality. Within the week, the Nursery class was ready, attractively fitted up with little pink and blue chairs and the walls decorated with colourful charts. But there were just four pupils.

25th March 1970, brought Mr. T.N. Kuriakose, Accountant General, to Mary Nilayam. This date became a landmark in the history of the foundation. He suggested a house and site available near the church, close to the bus stop and shops, with a good Catholic population around. The bishop happily approved the change of residence. So did mother general, through the Regional Superior, Mother Mary. Mr. Kuriakose convinced Mother Mary that the convent and school at the new site at Pongummoodu would have a great future. A plot of 50 cents was ready for immediate sale and there was an adjoining area of three acres, with a house, at a cost of such an expensive step at the initial stage of foundation, with no income and borrowed funds, but the bishop not only approved he even recommended the proposal wholeheartedly. The same year 1970, Mother General’s approval gave the final touch. The sisters were permitted to buy Mr. George’s house and half acre of land and shift from Pangapara to Pongummoodu. They saw in this transfer of locality the finger of God. Thus was born the infant convent of Mary Nilayam.
With the sisters safely housed in Mr. George’s cottage, the Nursery School had come up. Mr. Laurie Baker, an English architect, renowned for designing brick buildings at a low cost, constructed a seven sided school room, with tiled roof. So by the end of April 1970, the foundation stone of the first Apostolic Carmel School building in Trivandrum was blessed. July 1970 saw 30 pupils on roll. Now, work at the new convent, Mary Nilayam, could be organized.
On 16th July, the bishop blessed Mr. Krishna Nair’s house, which would serve as the school. On 22 July came the news that Mary Nilayam was one of the 27 schools granted recognition for Std.1-IV. It was only much later they discovered, that is recognition was only for Malayalam medium primary schools. The Parents’ Day, in February 1972, was a great advertisement. The same year, Sister Conradine took charge as Superior and Headmistress. Mary Nilayam was permitted to buy the standard car, which Christ King Covent, Tambaram, disposed of. This helped to serve the needs of the new boarding house. In the year 1973, came the erection of the boarding house block.
The apostolate of school kept progressing and was appreciated by all concerned. The visit of the Superior General, sister Vincent, in 1998, was an important event. Upgrading of the school, permission of keep boys in the High School, finding funds for the construction of the school building- these problems were all solved.
On 18th June 1999, the school obtained affiliation to CBSE up to Class VIII. The inauguration of newly constructed building was on 28th August 2000. Sanction for IX and X came in March 2001. Sr. Anna Maria, as Superior, worked very hard to further the interest of school. The ETNL software founded by the PTA, was installed in the existing computer lab. Its aim was to improve the spoken English skills of the students of all classes.
Love for the poor and distressed is cultivated by encouraging students to save their pocket money and drop it in a mite box. The amount so collected is distributed to those in need including the school students.

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