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‘The Little Carmel’ was a hidden garden, in which those little plants should take root in solitude and silence before being strange enough to be later transplanted in India to spread the good odour of Christ among infidels’ (Letter of Mother Veronica, 10th December 1871),

Our congregation was thinking of the Providence Novitiates from long back and it was also the cherished hope of the sisters of the Southern Province to have a novitiate of our own. The long awaited dream came true on the 7th of May 1994. It was a thrilling experience for all who gathered in front of the new novitiate house “Anugraha” to witness the inauguration. It was blessed by Rt.Rev.Dr. Maxwell Valentine Noronha, Bishop of Calicut. He celebrated the first Eucharistic Sacrifice on 29th on May and reserved the Blessed Sacrament.

All were very grateful to God almighty and to Superior General Sr. Mariella and her team, and Provincial Superior Sr. Cleta and her team for their untiring and selfless effort and keen interest which made possible the completion of this Novitiate House in a short time.

On May 31st 1994 the first set of 9 postulants were initiated into the Novitiate. Sr. Joselin Joseph, Elsa and Florentina formed the first community. Sr. Joselin Joseph was appointed as the Novice Directress. The sisters join the Novices for community prayer and rosary. Mass is celebrated in the Novitiate Chapel whenever priests are available and on other days we join the Carmel Hill Community for Mass.

Classes are conducted by the experts trained in the different subjects. Some of our General Councillors and a few sisters of the Province wer the regular teachers. The Jesuits from Christ Hall also were ready to help us out when we were in need of spiritual help.

The senior novices visit the medical college hospital and mental hospital and thus come in contact with the sick, know their miseries and their cheerful endurance. This helped them to share the sufferings of humanity.
The novices attended the inter Novitiate programme at Nava Jyothis in 1997. This gave them opportunity to mix with the novices of other congregation and to be enriched by them.

Novices are trained in manual work too. They were engaged in cleaning the house and surroundings, cultivating vegetables, gathering firewood, helping to collect coconuts, repair coconut for extracting oil, washing, helping in the kitchen, which helps them to have a sense of belonging to the community. They were trained to decorate the chapel, refectory, hall for special occasions. Their hidden talents and creativity were brought out on these occasions.

The visit of the Superior General and her team, The Provincial Superior and her team helped the Novices to deepen their call and gave them the sense of belonging to the province and the congregation.

In 1999 July Sr. Joselin Joseph was transferred to Provincial House and Sr. Maria Karuna took charge of Anugraha.

God’s providence continues to shower upon Anugraha as the years go by granting good vocations for His Vineyard. The pioneer and strong pillar of Anugraha, Sr. Joselin Joseph, who took all the pain to begin the novitiate and to give it a strong footing.

They celebrated 3 Golden Jubilees of sisters – Theresina, Sheila Paul and Mark in 2003, 2007 and 2010 respectively. They were honored by the visit of our Bishop Joseph Kalathilparambil periodically. Thrice he offered Holy Mass in this Chapel.

Three batches of the novices made manuscript magazines on the occasion of the beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Fr. Kunchachan and Canonization of St. Alphonsa. These gave them an opportunity to cultivate and develop their literary talents.

After 11 years of praise worthy service as Novice Directress and Superior in charge of the community, Sr.Karuna was transferred to Kenya in May 2010. During the last six years of her term of office at Anugraha, she was also the Provincial Counselor.
Sr. Nikita was incharge of the Novices was appointed Superior in May 2010. In the course of the year by December 2010 Sr. Nikitha was found sick. In January she was taken to Provincial House for treatment. Sr. Joselin Joseph came from the Provincial House and attend to the 3 first year Novices and to the preparation for the first commitment of the second year Novices.

In January 22nd 2011 they were only three first year Novices so they were sent to Karnataka Novitiate to complete the second year Novitiate. Our Novitiate was not functioning as a formation house for some time. the second years came back on 18th December 2011 and Sr. Joselin Joseph came here to see to the three Novices.

On Sundays two novices go to the Parish church to teach Catechism. Some poor students of our neighbourhood are given free tuition daily. On May 2012 Sr. Maria Sonia was in charge of the Novitiate. Sr. Joselin Joseph was again appointed as Directress of Novices and Sister in charge of the house till March 2013.

Novices Linta Joy and Neethu completed their first year novitiate in Pune and returned to Anugraha in January. The five postulants were initiated to the novitiate by Sr. Snehalatha on February 2nd.

They value spirit of silence, solitude asceticism, detachment and practice of the presence of God. They made a study of story of soul along with the sisters in the community in preparation for St. Therese Feast. Once a month the community has 3 hours of vigil prayer where they pray for various needs of the congregation, Church and the world.

Sr. Joselin Joeph who was the directress of Novices and sister in charge of the Community was elected as the General Councilor in February 2014. As she had to be in the Generalate in Bangalore left the Novitiate by April 3rd.

On 2nd of April 2014 Sr. Noella and Nikita joined the novitiate community. Sr. Noella took charge of the community and Sr. Nikita took charge of the novices.

Sr. Maria Nikita who was directresses of the Novices in 2014 was promoted to the high school and was transferred to St.Antony’s Convent Vadakara. Sr. Shilpa Maria took charge of the novices on 11th June 2015. Sr. Elizabeth and Sr. Maria Lena Joined the community.

At the beginning of January 2016 there were 3 sisters and 3 senior novices in our novitiate community. Sr. Shilpa Maria was the directress of novices and sister incharge of the community. As there were no junior novices to continue the novitiate Sr. Shilpa Maria Left Mangalore on 1st of April to take charge of the Tertian’s on 2nd April.

On 1st of April four junior sister Helen Avina, Sharan Maria and Soumya Vilson, Soniya joined our community to attend Sr. Rose Maria’s Theology clas. After a month they returned to their respective communities. On May 18th Sr.Cecily Scaria and Maria Ashmitha joined the community. On 24th May Sr.Elizabeth took charge of the community of three sisters. Sr. Elizabeth is seeing to the Administration of the B.Ed. college. Sr. Ashmitha is teaching at Providence Women’s College. They take tremendous effort to spread the charism and the life of our Foundress Mother Veronica. They conduct prayer services, give talks, conduct skits, dances and dramas, showing videos of the life and mission of Mother Veronica. B.Ed. students pray daily to Mother Veronica.

On 18th May Sr. Cecily and Sr. Ashmitha transferred to Carmel Hill community and Sr. Asha and Sr.Lincy joined our community. Sr. Lincy is preparing for NET exam and Sr. Asha is teaching in the college.

We are grateful to all our Superior Generals especially Sr.Susheela and her team and all our Provincial Superiors especially Sr.Ancilla and her team for their love, support, guidance and personal interest to each one of us.

We pray and hope that Anugraha will bring down graces and blessings to Southern Province by having and training many novices to work for His Kingdom in Kerala and Tamilnadu.

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