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The history of Carmel Hill Convent begins with the establishment of Providence Women’s College, Calicut.
A women’s Higher Education in Malabar was the dream and long cherished hope of many and on 1st July 1952 the Providence Women’s College was born in the premises of Providence Convent on Gandhi Road, Calicut, at the time of His Lordship Aldo Maria Patroni S.J. and the Mother General Mother Sylivia. The opening of this college marked the beginning of a new era, not only in the history of the Institution but in Malabar itself because it was the first women’s College in North Malabar. As Superior and Headmistress of Providence Convent and school respectively, the responsibility of guiding the infant college and putting it on its feet, fell on Sr.Gabrielle who was ably assisted by Srs. Euginie and Agatha. IN 1953 the college shifted to it’s own building atop the picturesque Florican Hill. On 21st March 1955 saw Florican Hill beautifully decorated , Providence Women’s College opened on the new building.

Florican Hill was re-named Carmel Hill, on 20th June 1955, Srs.Eugine, Amelle, Clare Mary, Stefana and Mother Clarissa were forced to move out of Providence Convent into the arms of the Queen of Carmel. On 25th June Srs. Fidelis, Edburga, Jane Mary and Bernards joined the little community. The convent was just the Chemistry lab, no rooms, no convenience of any sort.
The formal opening of Carmel Hill convent and reservation of Blessed Sacrament was on the 29th June. The Bishop celebrated Mass and Christ came to reside at Carmel Hill. On 7th October 1956 Carmel Hill had our new convent home. It was in 1967 a spacious chapel for Carmel Hill was put up by Mother Josefa through the direct intervention of Bishop Patroni.
Tody Carmel Hill is a well established convent. Mother Sylvia’s message of wishing has come true.
“ Tiny acorn of God’s Providence,
Gorw, blossom gather all hearts
Neath Thy spreading branches,
And there enfold them
In a Father’s Love”.
We cannot but marvel the wonderful growth of it with Providence college as it’s pride. The tiny sapling that began with 32 students has grown with 1800 students and more than 120 staff, and a hostel that accommodates 400 students.
The college provides instruction in 6 post graduate courses and 13 under graduate courses 6UGC approved. Add on courses, 7 certificate courses and 4 Diploma courses are offered by the college along with the main stream of academic instruction. Student oriented programme like The Tutorial system, Value Education, Department Clubs and Community oriented programme such NSS,NCC,CSS,Blood Donors’ Forum, Pain and Paliative care unit, Village Adoption, Bhoomitra Sena etc are praise worthy. We organize women centred programme like Mother Veronica Library for Women and children of the locality, EDclub, Women’s cell and Add on courses in women’s studies.
The PTA, College Development Society, Alumnae Association are great help in the growth of the college. The college can proudly boast of the sports hostel and the achievements of the players.
Special congratulation to Dr.Sr.Ancilla who was the Principal from 2002-2013 and Sr.Neetha the Principal from 2013 , for the NAAC accreditation took place in 2004 and the college was ranked with B++ grade with 83% . In 2011 the college was awarded ‘A’ Grade with 3.11 CPGA on a four point scale. Along with a A Grace NAAC, the college has also been granted the status of CPE college with potential for Excellence by the UGC in 2016. In 2017 the college has been granted A+ in the Re-accreditation by the NAAC.
Carmel Hill convent a tiny acorn has grown and blossomed.
Our many superiors at the local, provincial and general levels, ecclesiastical and civil authorities, Principals, staff and students, friends and benefactors, the numerous labourers who toiled in the campus , all have contributed towards making this institution what it is today. With the blessings of Mary the Queen of Carmel.
“ in Thy Light we see Light”
Providence can provide
Providence did provide
Providence will provide.
O most gracious and all Provident God
Heart our prayer and grant our petitions.

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