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The Wayanad hills slopes gently towards the Malabar planes and are connected by the bus routes with coastal towns and the Decan Plateau. The European tea planters found these slopes ideal for tea estates and with the help of Anglo Indian over seers and hill people as workers , large areas went under the tea cultivation. Perched on the hill was the township of Mananthavady. Though beautiful in its settings Mananthavady was held to be a Malarial area. On one of the hill tops the Jesuits – the diocese of Calicut had put up a catholic church, The Immaculate Conception. The Europeans and Anglo Indian children came down from the hill to special school at Kannur and Calicut. In 1924 the Malayalee parishners had petitioned the Bishop for a convent school, But the matter ended there. In 1929 a little school was began by Fr. Lombardini.sJ, the parish priest and was run by two lay teachers. The school had 64 children on the roll.It was recognized and aided by the government.

Fr. Lombardni knew the Apostolic Carmel well. He knew that our charism led us forward into education and other works of mercy. Fr. Lombardini went down personally to Mother Isabel, the superior of Sacred Heart convent ,Tellicherry in Noember 1930 , requesting whether parish school to be taken over by the Apostolic Carmel. Mother Isabel conveyed Fr. Lombardini’s request to Mother Josephine, the superior general. The negotiations of founding a house at Mananthavady was started immediately. On March 1931 Mother general personally went up the wayanad hills with M. Isabel and srs. Veronica and Ruth. The collector had promised the Hospital hill for a school, free of assessment. Since there was a tie with protestant for the site it was auctioned fo Rs. 600/-. Fr. Lombardini also obtained 7 acres of land on the eclipse hill.
The Holy Cross convent was actually opened in June 1932. They stayed at Mr. D’ cruz’s house for a few days. They shifted to the convent ( Kitchen block) on 9th and the house was blsssed on the 11th. Sr. Milburga was both the headmistress and correspondent of Little Flower school, which was still on the parish hill. The Sacred Heart Convent paid for an additional teacher. Sisters worked hard to in these early days to get money for their maintenance. Besides tuition they took up laundry from neighboring parishes and two European families.
On 16th May 1933 Holy Cross Convent was made a regular canonically erected house. A New school building was put up and blessed on 3rd May 1937. Majority of the students were Catholics, all very poor and needed help in many little ways. This school proved to be a blessing in this backward area. In 1995 little Flower UP school was given permission to start the parallel English medium classes from 5th STD onwards. In 2017 June started English Classes from LKG and 1st STD. The Malayalam UKG was converted to English medium and an English private school was Started in 1996. This school was later shifted to eclipse hill. Little flower school is very much appreciated even today. The school has the tradition of having loyal and hardworking teachers. The people of the locality are well disposed to the school.

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