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Madonna Convent and A.U.P School are situated opposite to Kasaragod Railway Station very near to the Arabian Sea surrounded by beautiful greenery.
It was in 1937, in the 69th year of the congregation during the tenure of the third Superior General, Mother Josephine, a branch of that growing Apostolic Carmel which was founded by Mother Veronica of the Passion was planted in Kasaragod a Muslim Dominated village at a distance of 52 Kms from Mangalore, on the Mangalore Railway line.

Kasaragod with a mixed population of Muslims, Hindus and a small minority of Catholics for whom the Diocese of Mangalore had built a church and stationed a Parish Priest in 1933. At the request of V.R Fernandz, the Bishop of Mangalore asked Mother Josephine with Sr.Louise came to meet the leading men at the station with the help of Parish Priest, Fr. Nazareth they visited some places. But they did not receive co-operation from the people. In 1939 the petition came again through Mr. Shammad MLC. Mother Josephine paid a second visit to the place and found a suitable place for the Secondary School. Dr. Colaco’s property adjoined the church with two houses and a large number of coconut trees were taken on rent.
On 26th May 1939 accompanied by Mother Lucy, Mother Mary Agnes, Srs. Louise, Cyrilla, Fridsolin, Victorie, Louis Maura and Mother General dedicated the house to the Mother of God under the Title Madonna Convent. After the blessing of Convent, it was decided to open the new school next day. The pupil admitted was Mr. Shamand’s grand daughter, Mariambi and then came three daughters of Statin Master. Irene Pais by name was the first Catholic girl who was admitted. Scarcity of pupils was a problem in the beginning. It was the need for a Catholic School that had made Mother Josephine take the step and the cause of Women’s education, specially of the Muslim girls, that had been her objectives.
Sr. Victorine was in charge of the community and her father adopted this little house as his own and he sent material gifts oftener. The sisters of three convents in Mangalore were interested to the new foundation. In 1940 with the large community of St.Agnes Convent, Mother Theodosia came here for summer holidays. It was the forerunner of many other community picnics.
Inspectress of the school showed keen interest in the school lost no time in granting the recognition required and by the following June had a strength of 110 students up to standard VI. The foundation stone was laid on 27th of 1940 for a building which was donated by Dr.Colaco as a gift to Mother Theodosia. The adjoined flat area had to be acquired from a Muslim, partly from Mr. S.Brito .
The convent during these years was neither comfortable nor could improvemets made because of lack of materials during the time of war. The Property was not registered in the name of Apostolic Carmel until the end of 1944. The portion along the road side belonged to Mr. Gratian Colaco and a monthly rent was paid to him. Looking back upon the history of Madonna Convent, there were many difficulties but the strong spirit of zeal helped the sisters to carry on their work well.
A hostel for the working women was a great need of Kasaragod, since it became Head Quarters of the newly formed District. Sr.Annunciata the Provincial Superior sent in an application to the Central Social Welfare Board at Delhi for financial assistants. Thanks be to God that this became a reality. It was the privilege of Sr.Tessy Augustine to see this need to be materialized and the structure was blessed on January 1st 1988 on the Feast of the Mother of God who is the special Patoness of the Institution by Fr.Harry Tauro, the Parish Priest. The three storeyed structure overlooking the sea has twenty rooms of three beds each and two single rooms. A day care centre too was attached to the hostel for the children of the working women.
Golden Jubilee of the Convent and the school was celebrated on February 17th and 18th 1990. The celebrations started with the laying of the foundation stone for the Jubilee Memorial School Block by RT.Dr.Basil D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore.

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