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Rev.Fr Mary Louis Martelli OCD, the Vicar of the Holy Trinity Church Cananore wanted to begin the work of education for girls in Cananore and he erected a convent with the financial help of Bishop Michael Antony. When the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparation came from Mangalore his joy was doubled for they took charge of the newly erected Convent in March 1867. This was the beginning of St. Teresa’s Convent. Few boarders too followed the Sisters to Kannur.

There was a remarkable uplift in spiritual, educational, social, economic, and cultural life of the society with the Sisters generous interventions. On the 25th of August 1871, the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Appiration was incorporated into the Apostolic Carmel and renamed as St. Teresa.

Mother Magdalene was followed by Sr. Elias of St. Teresa from the first batch of Bayonne in 1877. In 1879 the sisters began to work with zeal and earnestness. In March 1885 Malayalam was introduced as the second language. Rev. Fr.Zanetti S J purchased the house and compound close to the convent and gave to the sisters for their use. The little chapel was erected under the guidance of Fr. Buzzoni and a drill hall was also constructed.

Mother Marie Des Anges purchased the convent, boarding house, and the school hall with its premises from Bishop Cavadini in 1901. A building with two stories was completed in 1905 and the first floor was used as the refectory and the second floor as the dormitory. In 1906, the code of regulations for European Schools came into force. The students were prepared for the London college of Music Examinations.

The Golden Jubilee of the Institution was celebrated in the year 1918. Another important event in the history of St. Teresa’s was that in April 1941 the then Superior General Rev. Sr. Josephine lit the torch of education for a Training School. Sr. Gabrialle was the first Training School headmistress. During the years 1939-1943 the school was only upto Std VII. In 1950 the Status of the School was raised to High School. In 1954 the new Convent building was blessed. The outstanding event of 1971 was the centenary celebration of the convent and the school.

In 1974 the Training School was bifurcated from the High School and the Anglo-Indian School Code came into effect. In 1985 the School was switched over to the S.S.L.C scheme under KER. In 1991 the Golden Jubilee of the Training School was celebrated. In the year 1997 the high School completed two floors and an underground block.

A new block in the Training School was inaugurated in March 2000 and in the same year on 4th August the +2 course was started with 123 students. In 2005 the Training School was given permission to admit students every year.
In 2012 we opened a play school with 104 students and 4 staff. On1st April 2015 the L.P section was bifurcated from the H.S section and amalgamated it to the Training School. An open auditorium was completed for the Institutions in the same year. Renovation of the chapel and construction of 12 graves were the other improvements in the establishment.

At present the institution caters for nearly 2500 students with100 staff. During the last 146 years of our mission here in Kannur, thousands of students have passed through our Institutions and have reached great heights in all walks of life all over the world.

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